Why does ixo use blockchain?

Blockchain features include:

  • autonomous peer-to-peer network
  • disintermediation
  • immutability
  • transparency
  • high resilience
  • self-execution - programmable via smart contract
  • efficiency - c.f. Tendermint’s consensus mechanism (PoS)

Some of the direct and indirect benefits are:

  • tokenomics-able - innovative incentivization mechanisms
  • innovative funding mechanisms - programmable capital
  • financial inclusivity - sending money becomes as simple as sending a message
  • global connectivity - access from anywhere, at anytime - “type 0 tech”
  • innovative decision-making mechanisms - on-chain governance
  • trustless - “more truth, less trust" as some put it
  • immortalize anything - history can only be written once
  • censorship resistant - unstoppable
  • corruption resistant - history cannot be modified
  • secure - hack resistant
  • available forever - no downtime
  • no central kill switch - no “stop button”
  • ability to define granular levels of access on data - giving back power to users
  • accountability - audit, analyse, report, showcase, bookkeeping, monitor, verify, evaluate

In a generic sense, blockchain tech is a transformative technology that enables new business/use cases and provides greater efficiency to existing digital tools.

The sustainability space could leverage the benefits listed above greatly if able to transition to the blockchain era. For this change to happen, ixo is providing the infrastructure - the roads & railways so to say - and the expertise necessary. More than building a blockchain, ixo is building an ecosystem to allow any actor of the ecosystem to take part in that change.

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