Impact Oracles Launchpad - in depth explanation

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As seen in this short intro: Impact Oracles will be put in place to provide advanced digital evaluation & advisory services to impact projects of all types.

As seen in this “Impact Oracles Launchpad - ELI5” post:

The ixo Launchpad is a platform (1) for Impact Oracles to fundraise, (2) for Investors to invest in Impact Oracles, (3) for teams to supercharge the building & launching of their Impact Oracles by getting access to mentorship (tech & business).

Think of it as an accelerator - a program that includes investment, connections, sales, mentorship & educational components.


1. ixo team and partners

Our team and select partners/advisors provide support and mentorship to the Impact Oracle Builders and Investors.

2. Impact Oracle Builders

Projects/team already providing evaluation services for the impact space in the web2 space and willing to transition to the web3 era with ixo.

We also expect to see many projects/teams with strong AI capabilities & difficulty with their monetization strategy to jump on board to develop brilliant solutions that enable impact projects to continuously optimize their performances.

3. Investors

Individuals, organizations & institutions can invest in Impact Oracles via the Launchpad.


Support and mentorship provided to Oracle Builders via:

  • Financing solution - via Alpha Bonds
  • Connections - to investors who are connected of the ixo ecosystem
  • Market access - get introduced to impact projects that need your service
  • Monetization - get help and feedback on building a strong business case for your Oracle
  • Technical support - benefit from help provided by the ixo team & partners
  • Marketing support - gain high visibility with marketing campaigns coordinated with ixo

Support provided to Investors via:

  • Demos
  • Workshops
  • Curated Deal Pipeline
  • Early Stage Investment Opportunities
  • Direct Contact with our Investor Relations manager

How - Support and mentorship provided to Oracle Builders

Financing solution:
Alpha Bonds enable outcomes-based funding mechanism to be brought on-chain. With blockchain bringing an unprecedented level of trust & transparency to the system.

Introduction to investors with a strong interest in the niche market your Impact Oracle is aiming at. We (ixo team) may also act as a bridge to find the best possible agreements between both parties.

Market Access:
Introduction to impact projects that might need your services. We (ixo team) also reach out to projects that are not yet public/visible on the ixo network: whether it’s because they are in the process of joining the network or because they are in a permissioned part of it (i.e. a private data consortium).

Building a strong business case & business plan for your Oracle with the help of ixo team will give you key insights on experience we’ve gathered across the projects we supported to date.

Technical support
The ixo team & its partners will provide technical expertise to ease the integration of Impact Oracles into the ixo network. This comes in different forms: technical documentation, public q&a on the developer section of the community forum, direct communication via chats/emails/calls, custom partnership agreements, and more.

Marketing support
Coordinating marketing campaigns with ixo team and partners ensures consistency across communication channels, adequate audience targeting & synchronized peak outreach.

How - Support provided to Investors

Demos of the Alpha Bonds provided via video calls - these demos gives a intro to the possibilities offered by this cutting edge funding mechanism.

Workshops provide in-depth knowledge and experience on using Alpha Bonds. These can be tailored to dive into project-specific needs.

Curated Deal Pipeline
Allowing investors to find a clear signal through the noise. We give you the ability to be notified on deals that are relevant to your own requirements.

Early Stage Investment Opportunities
Get introduced to projects in the very early stages of their fundraising effort. Putting you in a very special position, allowing you to build relationship with the founders & help build the project from day 1.

Direct Contact with our Investor Relations manager
Having someone who understands you in our team matter to us. Our investor relations manager makes sure we can keep up with your expectations & continuously improve based on your opinion.

Tech Stack

Building Blocks:

  • Augmented Bonding Curve on Cosmos/Tendermint
  • Fiat Bridge (by Persistent) ?