Bird eye view of the ixo project [Draft]

The ixo project is at the intersection of (i) Sustainability, (ii) Blockchain and (iii) Innovative Finance.

The ixo ecosystem is open source and provides the infrastructure - the roads and railways so to speak - for any actor, stakeholder or expert to participate and supercharge its project by leveraging an array of tools and benefits intrinsic to the ixo project (market access, funding access, investment access, etc).

The ixo protocol provides a set of open standards for collecting, transporting, processing, structuring, evaluating, storing, tokenizing & trading impact data. The ixo network will provide a web of trust that enables the impact economy to grow, without dependencies on central authorities.

The ixo project has a layered architecture that has been developed with some of the most highly regarded teams in the blockchain industry. Some of these tools - such as the SDK Modules we’re working on - are generic to the Cosmos ecosystem & will be benefited by the 100+ project already building on the Cosmos SDK once they are made public.

Why use blockchain ?

As you can see in the diagram above, blockchain is an added as a tool to the realm of innovative finance and sustainability.

We wrote an article explaining the many benefits brought by blockchain - Why does ixo use blockchain? - and can sum up the main benefits added to being transformative technology enabling new use/business cases and provides greater efficiency to existing digital tools.

How do the actors of the ixo ecosystem interact?

Here is a very simplified version of the interactions between the different actors of the ixo ecosystem.

  • ixo Ecosystem Products
  • Impact Projects
    • Sustainability projects such as a reforestation project or a sanitation project
  • Project Owners
    • Project founder and owner are often the same person
    • Initialize, design & manage project
  • Service Agents
    • Deliver project goods and services. i.e. plant tree for a reforestation project, or set up toilets for a sanitation project
    • Issue impact claims. i.e. “we planted 10’000 tree this week”, or “we set up 100 toilets this week”
  • Impact Oracles
    • Impact Oracles are a subtype of Impact Projects
    • Evaluate impact claims. i.e. checks if data submitted in “tree planted” claim has any issue, verifies that the “toilets setup” claim is coherent with previously submitted data
    • more on Impact Oracles - ELI5
  • Investment Agents
    • Can invest in Impact Projects and Impact Oracles
  • Launchpad
    • Match making platform for Impact Oracles and Investment Agents
    • Environment for teams to supercharge the building & launching of their Impact Oracles by getting access to mentorship (tech & business).
    • more on Impact Oracles Launchpad - ELI5
  • Validators / Relayers
    • In ixo, an entity cannot be a validator without being a relayer, and vice versa
    • Validators secure the ixo network, more on the topology on Topology of the ixo protocol
    • Relayers are the link between impact oracles and projects, they are responsible for being the channels & connectors to the marketplace
    • Relayers provide financial services via Impact Investing Portfolio Platform & Oracle Launch Pad
    • Relayers provide technical support and market access

What can you do with ixo ?


What ixo products are you most proud of?

Our flagship product is the Alpha Bonds, which provides unprecedented level of continuous funding and accountability (read more about it in this thread: Alpha Bonds - ELI5). It will be feature on the Impact Oracle Launchpad, which one can think of as an accelerator - a program that includes investment, connections, sales, mentorship & educational components (read more on Impact Oracles Launchpad - ELI5).

We also provide other amazing products such as (i) the ixo web app, (ii) the ixo mobile app and (iii) the impact investment portfolio app. All of which will be open source and fully customizable so that anyone can build on top of it (think white label): create customized views, add custom features, custom Integrations, custom styling & so on.

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